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Mercedes Castro Corbat


About me

I entered the world of contemporary jewelry by chance. I am interested in this language that has the body as its carrier, that relates directly to the user and that is loaded with content.

I make jewelry pieces that tell stories and that “adorn” but that, at the same time, seek to question and interpellate, turning the user in some cases into a militant.

Experience and Training


Artist and designer of Contemporary Jewelry.
Adjunct professor Kweitel Chair, Accessories Design, FADU, University of Buenos Aires.
Teacher of the Contemporary Art and Writing workshop at the University of San Andrés.
Teacher, mixed techniques workshop.

Studies and Scholarships

2021. Patronage. Beyond the jewel.
2017. Creation scholarship. National Endowment of the Arts.
2016. Postgraduate at UNA New media and technologies in pictorial production.
2016. Tulio de Sagastizabal construction clinic, Diana Aisenberg.
2016. Workshop, Iris Eichengerg.
2015. Workshop, Lisa Walker, “Materiales”.
2013. Workshop «AMULETO O TALISMAN» by HANNA HEDMAN – Santiago, Chile.
2013. “Space” Workshop Gemma Draper, Contemporary Jewelry.
2012. Workshop “Air” Ruudt Peters, Symposium on Construction, contemporary jewelry.

2011-2013. Contemporary Jewelry Workshop, Jorge Castagñon.
1999-2000. Antiche Technique, Scuola Lignarius, Roma, Italia.
1994-1995. Certificate in Art Administration for NGOs. New York University, New York, USA.
1989-1990. Painting at Kent Institute of Art & Design, Kent, England.
1982-1988. Faculty of Philosophy and Letters. Art History Major.
1981-1985. Prilidiano Pueyrredón National School of Fine Arts. Paint.

Exhibitions and Awards

2023. Project P 8 . Cohen, another look. Buenos Aires, Argentina.
2023. Bijoux Boca Raton Museum of art. See more
2022. Mad. Museum of Art & Design. New York. Usa. See more

2022. Fabulate, terrify, mutate. Zeitgeist Gallery. Art fair map. Buenos Aires, Argentina.

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A dialogue between the works of jewelry artists Mercedes Castro Corbat and Cecilia Capisano from Argentina, Rita Soto and Vania Ruiz from Chile, Ana Calbucci and Mayumi Okuyama from Brazil.

“A large mycelium formed by unique tongues that connect by underground channels and emerge in a lush garden of delights. It works like dormant spores waiting for favorable conditions to latch onto the soil and germinate. Fables as escape strategies, to recover the core of the vital drive, desire, imagination and affection, Mutar.”

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La Rural – Buenos Aires -Argentina

2021. Beyond the Jewel.
2021. To have a garden is to be possessed by a garden. Malba.
2020. Bijoux Armory. Palm Beach.
2019. Give and take. Tokonoma.
2019. Hypothesis. Múnich jewelry week.
2019. Tincal lab Challenge Jewelry and Anatomy. See more.

2019. A Landscape of Its Own. Malba. Buenos Aires. Argentina.

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Malba store presents the new collection of necklaces by Designer Mercedes Castro Corbat that are based on images of the architecture of Buenos Aires. Each reversible necklace tells a story from the intervened photos of four points of the city and its buildings and conics: the Malba museum, the zoo, Barrancas de Belgrano, and the corner of Suipacha and Arroyo. In the words of the Designer: with this project I realize the landscape as a shaper of our gaze.

2019. Hypothesis Munich. Raumwerk-studio. Munich. Germany Hypothesis. Tokonoma. Buenos Aires. Argentina
2018. Red and black. Curated by L. Acosta. La Galeller Gallery. Sevilla. España. Lalabeyou Gallery Madrid, España. Cervantes Institute Utrecht, Holanda. Galerie Caractèr Neuchâtel, Suiza.
2018. LOOT: MAD about jewelry. Museum of Arts and Design. New York, USA.
2018. UMBRAL Threshold. Munich Jewelry Week. Munich, Germany. See more.
2017. Before, Under, Fit, With… Against the Body. INNOVA Art Gallery. Punta del Este, Uruguay. See more.

2017. Tincal Lab Challenge: jewellery & music. Portugal

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The versatility of an instrument, from the gauchos to David Bowie. A guitar can be honored by a gaucho, a priest or a nun, a granny, a pubescent, a storyteller from medieval times. As well as from a man that fell from the sky.

2016. The Unexpected of the Everyday. Recoleta Cultural Center, Buenos Aires, Argentina. Clock Tower Gallery, Mexico City, Mexico.
2015. SCHMUCK. International Trade Fair. Munich, Germany.
2015. SAMPLE: “Construction II” Symposium. Modern Market. Valparaiso, Chile.
2015. FIGURATIONS: Argentine Jewelers. Hernandez Museum. Buenos Aires, Argentina.
2014. Sur o no Sur. SIESTA Gallery. Barcelona, ​​Spain.
2014. Suspended in Green. Lesley Craze Gallery. London, England.
2014. Suspended in Green. Studio Gabi Green. Munich, Germany.
2014. Suspended in Green V&V Gallery. Vienna, Austria.
2013. Ancestral. WALKA Studio Contest. Jewel Barcelona, ​​Barcelona, ​​Spain. Alchimia School of Jewelry, Firenze, Italy. Isabel Aninat Gallery, Barcelona, ​​Spain.
2013. PENDING TOPIC: Contemporary Jewelry with Recycled Materials. Cultural Center of Spain. Buenos Aires, Argentina.

2013. Conjunction: what links or unites with. Argentine Contemporary Jewelry. Las Condes Cultural Center. Santiago, Chile.
2013. Feca, Sope, Telo - seven women explore the intimate language of jewelry as urban Argentinian code. Brooklyn Metal Works. Brooklyn, NY.
2013. Native Waterfall. Ricardo Rojas Center. Buenos Aires, Argentina.
2013. Time: Argentine Jewelers. Art and Part Gallery. Buenos Aires, Argentina.
2013. Oriental Style. Gioiellodentro Association. Vicenza, Italy.
2013. The Dowry, MALBA Store, MALBA Museum. Buenos Aires, Argentina.
2012. Contemporary Object Design. La Capital Daily Room. Castagnino Museum. Santa Fe, Argentina.
2012. Conjunction: what links or unites with. Gachi Prieto Gallery. Buenos Aires, Argentina.
2012. Native Waterfall. Innova Gallery. Punta del Este, Uruguay.
2012. Between the visible and the invisible. MARQ. Architecture Museum. Buenos Aires, Argentina.
2011. What unites us. National Contemporary Jewelry Competition. Argentine Jewelers. Buenos Aires, Argentina.
2010. Special mention First National Contemporary Jewelry Competition, “Que nos Une”.
2010. Creepers and Natives. Gabriela Horvat Gallery. Buenos Aires, Argentina.
2009. Award category: Artistic installation. Feeling of Security. Foa House.
2009. First prize, Design, Sagrada Familia Foundation.
2009. CASA FOA: Sense of Security. Buenos Aires, Argentina.
2008-2011. Design Room LA Capital Foundation, Rosario, Castagnino-Macro Museum.
2008. Protective Gates. Exhibition of contemporary jewelry and photography in the Gabriela Horvat gallery. Buenos Aires, Argentina.
2008. ArteBA: Stand de Th!nk Argentina. Buenos Aires, Argentina.
2007. CASA FOA: Solidarity Space Potentialities. Buenos Aires, Argentina.
2007. Open Doors. Artist Workshops. Under San Isidro. Buenos Aires, Argentina.
2007. Walking down Arroyo Street. VYP Gallery. Buenos Aires, Argentina.
2006. CASA FOA: Three Neighborhoods, Three Temples. Collage and wooden constructions. Buenos Aires, Argentina.
2005. Ephemeral Rome. Painting Staff. Sapazio Visual Gallery. Rome Italy.
2004. Attraverso Roma. Painting Staff, Zadig Cultural Association. Rome Italy.
2003. Argentine Painters in Comparison, Galeria Spazio Visivo. Rome Italy.
2002. Roma a ZIGZAG. Journey into the Memory of Historic Shops, Roman Aquarium. Rome Italy.
1998. Parcour d’ Artistes. Gallerie Maison de L’ Amerique Latine. Bruselas, Bélgica.
1997. L’ Expo Start. Brussels, Belgium.