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Mercedes Castro Corbat


Camalotes. The unexpected of everyday life

An island that moves,
that is bringing things.
And that on his journey,
it's getting hooked, hooked
with others.

I'm going to start with a landscape, the landscape that draws us and shapes us, and that makes us exist in a certain way. In 2016, an invasion of camalotes arrived on the shores of the city of Buenos Aries, unexpectedly changing the environment around us. This event temporarily modified the daily horizon and in turn brought an invasion of adaptable living organisms perceived, in some cases, as threatening.

I worked on a series of necklaces that reflected this fact and that were exhibited at the CC Recoleta in a collective exhibition called Lo inesperado de lo cotidiano. Los camalotes y todas las implicancias de la invasión de estas plantas fueron mi tema de trabajo. Como una naturalista darwiniana, ilustré este hecho, mostrando los bordes de la costanera y la ciudad amenazadas por estas plantas que traían bichos foráneos, animales peligrosos, catástrofes urbanas.

I draw with my scissors on textiles that I create from paint. I articulate them around a construction element, in this case, wood, which serves as a restraining rail. The appropriation of the posters of the dengue prevention campaigns on public roads helped me for this piece that is on the limit between a portable collage and a necklace that hardly finds its place on the body, which denotes not luxury but the anti jeweler's.

I use techniques that transgress the boundaries of the traditional jewelry field.