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Mercedes Castro Corbat


Beyond the jewel

Beyond the Jewel was born from two desires. On the one hand, to make known and disseminate the language of contemporary jewelry to an audience to whom this practice is little known or completely unknown. And on the other hand, invite passers-by to ask themselves what we wear on our bodies and how what we consider an accessory is not an accessory since it communicates much more than we are aware of. Jewelry is a great communication tool, each culture and each person understands jewelry from a different point of view. To mention some ways of bonding, we could say that for many the main value of jewelry can be emotional, something they inherited or received from a loved one, for others it can be a protective object, like an amulet. Other people attribute a value to it to demonstrate hierarchy, social rank, civil status and for others it can be a form of militancy.

When selecting the participants, we choose based on the emotional affinity and power of the work of the invited artists and on the diversity of materials, origins, training, gender and age.

Beyond the Jewel appeals to that value that each person decides to give to what they carry on their body and that goes beyond what we see or think we understand, that there are other motives, values, affections that come into play in what we We call it “jewel”.

Guest artists:

Otto Kunzli | @francisca_kweitel | @manonvankouswijk | @fabiana_gadano | @seth_papac | @ceciliacapisano | @agostinalaurenzano | @paulasinclay | @hanna.hedman.studio | @carolinebroadhead | @laurenkalman | @brentstirton | @renatameirelles | @miriamandrauspappalardo | @ramonpuigcuyas | @miamaljojoki | @tim_carson_art | @eva_burton | @leyt_motiv | @mica.mornaghi | @shihdeatseng | @renatanporto | @henglee1017 | @tednoten | @carolinabernachea | @luzariasjoyas | @rojoacero | @lamarivasquez | @conisorella | @rodelasota y Sofía Masman | @molinamaru_ | @zoelgastou | @bestardsofia | @galumaciel