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Mercedes Castro Corbat


Cascada Autóctona

In the West, a person recognizes, on average, 1,000 trademark logos but no more than ten native plants from their environment.

The flowers and plants represented are native species or those that grow in the city of Buenos Aires. In some cases, their size is exaggerated, but they are seen in their actual size within a circle as if they were under a zoom or magnifying glass showing their actual size. They are very small flowers that we do not see if we do not pay attention.

The installation is hung with magnets and provides that some flowers can be changed depending on the time of year in which they bloom, a kind of reminder of what happens in nature while we are in the city.

The creeper arose from this idea but also as an attempt to transform radiographic material.
The x-ray, a two-dimensional and endangered waste material, is recycled into a vegetal and three-dimensional artistic object, thus reinforcing the idea of ​​transformation.