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Mercedes Castro Corbat


Protective Gates

Amulets, Scapulars and Protective Prints

This series of necklaces arose from the idea of ​​the protective image as an amulet or scapular, as a material object to which magical properties of protection against everything negative are attributed, instead of a saint or virgin or some divinity, use the image of the security checkpoints that abound in the suburbs due to the degree of insecurity in which we live.

For sixteen years I lived outside the country, when I left I left the door of my house open, when I returned I found the sad reality of insecurity. The sentry boxes also interested me from an aesthetic point of view since ironically, the beauty of some of them contrasts with the ugly reality in which we live.

Security Feeling

Habitat is the space that meets the appropriate conditions for the species to reside and reproduce, perpetuating its presence. The sentry box represents two types of habitats, the exterior, that of the walls that separate and isolate, that build that false idea of ​​a “safe” territory and that ends up conditioning our existence to isolation and exclusion, in search of a false idea of ​​protection. . And that of the work habitat, a small space that fulfills the function of a 'protective house' personalized by the intervention of its caretakers who surround them with flowerbeds and flowers on the outside and provide them with precarious comforts internally, turning them into more pleasant and familiar places for get through the long work day.

The project aims to recreate the contrast between the false security image of the sentry box and the harsh reality they represent.