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Mercedes Castro Corbat


Dualitas de intentio

Dualitas de intentio, Initium Odnokiram. Useless containers.
Odnokiram = Mari Kondo.

This work has to do with the duality of wanting to order with effort and abundant joy. The trigger came from a photo of my workshop overflowing with the disorder that precedes order, and from a very beloved handkerchief that had been burned. These two elements made me think about the issue of the things I want to organize and save. The result is these impossible containers. You could say that they are anti-containers, since they cannot contain much of what you would want to organize and store. These pieces have to do with being in that stage of life where I have decided that I want to live surrounded by fewer things and more moments. And for those moments to treasure, no bags or boxes are needed.

Odnokiram = Mari Kondo, I don't think she made the boxes and bags first and then started to organize them.

But that's what this duality is like, ordering with effort and abundant joy.